PDF to DXF Converter

PDF to DXF converter is an excellent converter which can convert pdf file to dxf very easily with high quality and fast speed and at the same time without autocad requested. This pdf to dxf converter can support single page and multi-page pdf input. Using this pdf to dxf converter, you can preview the pdf file before the conversion and adapt the scale of the pdf file. This pdf to dxf converter also can adjust the line width and support the solid entities.

With this pdf to dxf converter, you can get the file which you want to converter the high quality, high performance. Download the pdf to dxf converter for free and you can get a very brief interface, then you will find the pdf to dxf converter is very easy to use. You can just try it and you will enjoy the wonderful process and have a good time to spend.

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How to use the PDF to DXF Converter

If the PDF is a raster PDF, please set the "image option" first:

Step 1: Switch to the "Scanned Image" tab.
Step 2: Check the option of "Convert scanned image to vector object".
Step 3: Set the tracing line type and the image background color to convert.

If you just need to convert the vector part of the PDF and leave the raster partition in the converted drawing, please do not set the option above, or just select to convert "import scanned image directly".

 Check out the conversion result

The converted dwg file usually has two spaces, one is the model space and it contains an image background; another is a "R2V Page" and this is a vector drawing which is editable. Please open the "R2V page" and enter "zoom" + "e" in command line to zoom extents the editable drawing.

Please also take a look at the "image option", if you have selected the "Create individual DWG file per image", there will be 2 drawings created after conversion. One will directly be in the output folder and another will be in the "Images" folder. And the DWG in the "Images"is the editable drawing which you need.